8th Grade Art

In our 8th Grade Art, we do the following projects:

"Exploration Imagination" - student pick items off a list to create their own drawing
Elements of Art project
Black and White Monograms/Words with Doodle ("Zentangle") Designs
Pencil Still Life - observational drawing
Painted Color Wheel with Emphasis
Color Theory painting
Abstract Portrait Pastel with Shading
Two Point Perspective City
Sugar Skulls Drawings (with history of the Day of the Dead)
Weaving - Dreamcatchers
Chalk Pastels
Paper Mache 3D Letters
Graffiti - drawing only, no actual paint!
Scratch Board Animals
Architectural Drawings - houses 
Printmaking (stamps)

And so much more!

Plus worksheet warm-ups and practice sheets for the above, as necessary. Shading and observational drawings are emphasized with various worksheets and practice.

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