7th Grade Art

In our 7th Grade Art, we do the following projects:

"Exploration Imagination" - student pick items off a list to create their own drawing
Elements of Art project
Black and White Checkerboard with Doodle ("Zentangle") Designs
Pencil Still Life - observational drawing
Painted Color Wheel with Emphasis
Abstract Oil Pastel with Shading
One Point Perspective City
Sugar Skulls Drawings (with history of the Day of the Dead)
Weaving - Coasters
Chalk Pastels
Paper Mache Masks
Graffiti - drawing only, no actual paint!
Scratch Board Names
Architectural Drawings - emphasis on castles to tie in with World History

And so much more!

Plus worksheet warm-ups and practice sheets for the above, as necessary. Shading and observational drawings are emphasized with various worksheets and practice.

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